"The recipe that is not shared with others will soon be forgotten, but when it is shared, it will be enjoyed by future generations."

Howdy! Welcum to mah kuntry kitchen. Here ye'll find some downright good kuntry kookin' and good tastin' vittles. Hep yerself to whatever yer little heart desires and feel free to seconds and thirds. Just grab a big bowl and take sum home fer yerself. Our pot is always full and our door is always open.

Thats Kooter on the rocky chear on the front porch. You can pet him, he don' bite, scratch, hiss or howl. Go on now, say "howdee" to Kooter.

And, also, whilst yer here, enjoy our heart pumpin', foot stompin', toe tappin' music. Makes ya feel good all over.

Afore ya go in ter the kitchen, check out mah bootiful Mudder's Day Card frum the luv of mah life.

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Pure Kuntry Korn

Ah jus read me a good ole book of receets called Denture Wearer's Cookbook and ah laffed and laffed and laffed sum more. What a great book to get fer that ole Uncle Bubba that puts his dadberned choppers in his pocket ta eat or anyone else fer dat matter. This ole book has puhlenny of good tastin' vittles and they tell ya whether ya can chew easy or chew hard. Stop on by to see this here book and tell 'em JunieBug sent ya!

Sum of de bes' dadburned cookin' sites on da web

Thanks to these people for all their hard work

Ah'm so very prowd of these. Sumbuddy out der laks me. Ya-hoo!!!

Afore ya go, I'd be mighty proud if ya'd take the time to sign my recipe book. I collect autographs from important people and you are as important as they come.

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Don't forget to visit my cousin Granny2shoes at the Homespun Hideaway where we are loaded with crafts and things for your enjoyment.

If ya have a recipe or two ya'd like to share, please send it. Ah'll give ya credit and provide a link back to yer site. I'd love to hear from ya! Pretty Please?


Wal, ah gess ya dun seen it all. Ahm so mity prowd you cum on down. Y'all cum back now, y'heah?

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