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Kuntry Kitchen Kleans Up
30 Minutes To A Clean House or
"15 Secret Shortcuts to Good Housekeeping
that your mother never told you."
Food Spoilage Table
Used by Bachelors World-Wide
Parents' Glossary of Kids' Kitchen Terms
No parent should be without this valuable information
Something for the Cook
at the end of a busy day
Speak Like A Southern West Virginian
A Letter To My Son
Let Him come Home In time for Christmas

You Know Your Church is a Redneck Church if - - -

Redneck Love Poem

Heah's a pome that may 'splain why sum receets perduce failer. Gals who give out receets might well be advised to add this note: "No substitutes. It could be injurious to our friendship."

She didn't have potatoes
So she used a cup of rice.
She didn't have paprika
So she used some other spice.
Tomatoes weren't in season
So she used tomato paste.
The WHOLE can--not a cup, dear--
She couldn't bear to waste.
And now she isn't speaking;
She's convinced I pulled a fast one.
So don't ask me for a recipe--
That was my last one.

"If corn oil comes from corn, where does baby oil come from?"


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